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I am so glad you’re here!

Do you feel like you can never find something when you need it?

Are you overwhelmed by clutter?

Feeling lost or  stuck in your career or day-to-day life?

Dreaming of a  goal that seems out of reach?


My name is Liz August, professional organizer and life coach serving New England.

I am on a mission to simplify as many lives as possible.

I work closely with individuals and businesses who need organizational strategies and systems. I call this Simplify Spaces.

Sometimes there is simply too much to do and you need someone to take those odd jobs/errands off your hands. I call this Simplify Schedule.

I firmly believe that understanding ourselves and mental self-care are pivotal to a healthy lifestyle. I call this Simplify Self.

As a wife, a homeowner, a teacher, a business owner, and an NPO volunteer, I have found what works and what doesn’t when organizing and understanding my spaces and myself.

I understand how a cluttered area creates a cluttered mind. I know that chaos breeds further chaos. I recognize that feeling one way can hold us back from so much more.