Simplify Self – Life Coaching


How It Works:

What does the life coaching process look like? Here’s how it goes:

  1. Free Consultation
    • Schedule here for a 20 minute meeting via phone/FaceTime/Skype to discuss your needs and goals.
    • I’ll answer any questions you might have and describe my process.
    • You’ll determine if you want to commit to coaching.
  2. Your Homework
    • You’ll complete some quick assignments.
    • I’ll review them before we meet to tailor coaching around you.
  3. Discovery Session
    • We will build our alliance and design your coaching journey.
    • This meeting will be about an hour.
  4. Sessions
    • You will receive 2 sessions per month, each are 45 minutes long.
    • During your sessions you will learn to be present, to be balanced, and to be whole.
    • We will work on any goals you have including becoming more mindful, embracing change/transition, and seizing opportunities.
    • Sessions can be in person at a location of your choosing (including Breathe Wellness in Marlborough, MA) or via phone/FaceTime/Skype.
  5. In Between Sessions
    • You will continue your learning by completing a request/challenge/inquiry or other homework assignment that will keep you moving forward.