Simplify Spaces – Organization

How It Works:

What does a professional organizer DO exactly? Here’s how it goes:

  1. Phone / Email Chat
    1. We’ll discuss your needs and goals.
    2. I’ll answer any questions you might have.
    3. We’ll schedule a consultation using the information in the Client Intake Form.
  2. Free Consultation
    • We’ll tour your space together.
    • I’ll review your needs and goals and make MY shopping list of needed materials.
    • You’ll identify your top priorities.
  3. Let’s Get To Work!
    • We’ll schedule our first session.
    • I’ll clarify and define how/where we’ll begin.
    • You’ll do any “homework” assigned to prepare.
  4. First Session
    • We’ll start tackling your first goal.
    • I’ll bring materials needed to organize your space.
    • You’ll assist while I do the hard work!
  5. Possible Follow-Up Sessions
    • We’ll check on the work we’ve already done.
    • I’ll adjust the current procedures to fit your emerging priorities.
    • You’ll check in with me if needed.